Desiring to create an English speaking environment for more practice opportunities, H.E.Y English has established the H.E.Y English Club with a variety of interesting topics on a weekly basis. This is not only an opportunity for the children to meet, cultivate, listen and speak but also to improve vocabulary and practice teamwork skills. Helping them to be more harmonious before the crowd. The Club also help to widen cultural and social knowledge to enrich the spiritual life of the children through the different topics each week.

With the help of H.E.Y teachers, children will be more sociable, forming communication skills, and more confident and charismatic in English presentation.

The club always tries to bring new and interesting activities. Understanding children’s psychology, H.E.Y English Club always try to create practical activities, close to reality so that children can learn lessons more easily.

H.E.Y English Club will:

  • The club regularly invites foreigners to join in, interact with the children and increase their reflexes when they exposed to various English accents.
  • The club is a bridge for children to learn from each other, to increase the spirit of friendship among children. the friendliness and the way of living together and understanding each others needs is a very important virtue in todays society . In addition, participating in interactive activities, games, pictures and real life situations will help them to form a broad understanding of English in natural way.
  • And the most important thing is: have fun together.

Participants: Children from 7-16 years old.