English programs for children ages 3-6 with 6 different levels and learning environments based on international standards will help children learn the English language through games and textbooks. “Finger Prints” makes learning English easier than ever.


3-6 years is the “Precious period” for children to receive a second language naturally.

At this age, children begin to form the ability to communicate and explore the world around them, like observing and imitating adults. Therefore, providing a positive English learning environment for children is what H.E.Y English center focuses on.


H.E.Y has a team of 100% foreign teachers who are highly professional, enthusiasm and love children.

The curriculum is carefully selected for each age group.

Modern facilities are designed to meet the specific needs of the children, to assist them with the learning process and stimulate the creativity.

The intensive eight-week course helps children create a good daily routine and provides them with the opportunity to increase their proficiency in the english language.


Developing the language foundation, inspiring children to learn through a creative learning environment based on international standard, promising to bring children joy and satisfaction

Promoting the learning spirit of children, helping them explore the world around them in the creative thinking way

Practicing concentration and independent thinking without limit.

Encouraging children to learn and explore new environments confidently and enhance children’s communication and teamwork through extracurricular activities

Helping children to maximize their abilities through gifted lessons and major events throughout the course.


Facilities: HEY has spacious facilities. Classrooms are equipped with modern equipment and teaching tools, flexible learning space for each age to create a friendly and comfortable environment for students.

Academic Programs: The H.E.Y curriculum is compiled by international standards with high practicality. It’s suitable for all ages and needs, help students achieve the highest efficiency, proficiency in work and life.

Teachers: HEY owns a 100% native English teacher team who have university degrees or higher, have high pedagogical skills and teaching experiences.

Staffs: Professional staff, dedicated service is the motto of HEY center. Take customer satisfaction as a measure of competence. HEY will bring the best service to customers.

Students: Students closely involved in the learning process. During the course, students will be tested for entry level. Check mid-course and end-of-course tests to keep track of trainee progress. Students also participate in outside physical training and soft skills courses.

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