Learning English using OUR BRAIN.

Tasting a lemon to discover brain ability.

Look at this lemon and imagine you are eating a slice, try to eat the whole lemon. What will happen?

How do you feel?

It’s sour, definitely!

Although you don’t enjoy eating a lemon, when it comes to lemon you will think of the sour taste.

Do you know why the brain reacts like this? In this article, we will analyze some interesting aspects of the brain that you might not have known. If you want to change the way you learn English in particular and all other areas in general, read carefully and think about methodological analysis of H.E.Y English below.


Now you recall the picture of the baby holding the lemon above, do you still remember that image? Certainly, the image is coming back to your brain very quickly, and how about the text on that page? It’s difficult to show up, you have to think for a long time

did you do yesterday morning? Try to remember within 30 seconds then write that down.

What did you do yesterday morning? What did you want to eat? Where did you want to go?

Did you remember? It’s like a video roll in your head, right?

Why can your brain clearly remember the image of what you did yesterday, even the old days while quickly forgets things you tried to learn? ESPECIALLY ENGLISH!!


Your brain can receive 11 MILLION bits of information in 1 SECOND. After that, there are some you will remember, some you will remember occasionally and some go into the subconscious.The ability to receive and remember information of the brain is horrible. Most of us only use 2% of our brain, so how to take advantage of 98% of the remaining capacity?

The breakthrough English learning methods of H.E.Y will help you make the most of your brain ability, and you will feel more comfortable learning English than ever! It is important that H.E.Y helps you become interested in English.

Have you had difficulty learning English vocabulary? You learned then you forgot. You can not apply to the actual context and you have wrong pronunciation! Your anxiety will end from now on, H.E.Y will help you learn the vocabulary in the effective way.


To learn a foreign language you do not need to be smart, just like a child who talks, and repeats then you  will remember.

You can naturally remember the advertisement on TV, can remember the lyrics of a song without learning, keep listening then you will remember.

Learning English is the same, you keep listening to English in your level regularly, read English newspapers, .. create yourself an English environment, thus it helps the brain memorize English better.

Learning vocabulary through flashcards can help you memorize five times more than normal.


The human’s brain operates based on PICTURE PRINCIPLES. We are more likely to remember images than boring textbooks.

Most of us are familiar with right-handed or left-handed. However, humans also have a dominant eye. This means the brain pays more attention to one side of the image and less pay attention to the other side.

For that reason, Tony Buzzan, the world’s leading brainstorming researcher, has come up with the Mind Map which helps us note down our knowledge in the most effective way, allowing us to remember quickly!

So, how can we apply this Mind Map to learn grammar?

Grammar are just rules, it can be easily shown as Mind Map form.

Your grammar learning speed will increase 10-fold, your knowledge is permanently remembered in the brain by vivid images of this Mind Map.


Mind map can be applied in all fields, you can research the word “Mindmap or mind map” to learn more of its great use.


Vietnamese people speak Vietnamese, People in the North always mistaken between sounds L and N, people in central speak heavily. How about people in the South? Cannot find standard Vietnamese, right?

How many Vietnamese people can speak English like a native speaker? Not much, right? You needn’t pronounce 100% like a native speaker. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t agree that you have wrong pronunciation. We just want you speak English in the most comfortable way, get the fastest improvement and master your English in shortest time with the least pressure and the most effective method.

So how do you learn?

First, you have to feel the differences of pronunciation between English and Vietnamese, so you can adjust yourself. It likes the distinction between tones among regions.

Every day, you wake up, you see your face in the mirror, you care for it, put makeup on it. How about your English pronunciation? Have you ever listened to your own voice, tried to adjust it or not? Or letting your the teacher listen to you and try to correct it for you?

You should practice reading more and record your voice. This will help you identify the weaknesses in your pronunciation. It is easier to correct pronunciation errors then you may think.

If you know a lot of vocabulary, good grammar and good pronunciation. Do you have good communication? I’m not sure! You need to practice communication reflexes!


You may already know lots of vocabulary and grammatical structure, but when communicating, you forget about it, you cannot apply it to the current context, that is, your reflexes are weak. The thing is, you must react naturally. When communicating, you think in Vietnamese then you translate it into English base on English grammar structures. This way you prevent your English fluency. To speak fluent english and respond well you need to think in english.


H.E.Y often organizes extracurricular activities such as picnics with foreign teachers. Through these activities, learners can enhance their confidence in communication.