The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is “an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment.”

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Official partner: IIG

IIG is the leading provider of quality testing, accreditation and quality assurance in Vietnam.

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  2. Course: TOEIC COURSE

Duration: 2 months

H.E.Y has developed a systematic training program to practice for the exam. The system is designed not only to reduce the time and money spent on training but also to help produce remarkable end results.


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Lecturers and teachers from the United Kingdom, the United States with the standard of the Oxford, Cambridge Universities.

Highly qualified Vietnamese teachers (who have bachelor/master’s degrees in English)

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All facilities comply with the international standards and are fully equipped with modern teaching equipment and materials.


H.E.Y is committed to produce great result for learners.

We allow students to re do the test for free if the test scores do not meet their requirements.


Listening and Reading

Over 30 years of development, TOEIC Listening and Reading tests have been accepted and used as a standard scale for assessing English Listening and Reading skills in the international working environment.

Listening skills are very important due to its extensive use in face-to-face conservations, telephone communication and in meetings and online meetings.

Reading skills are essential for identifying letters and reading emails, reports and all written forms of communication.


For individuals:

Test your English proficiency.

Increases job opportunities

Achieving goals (Make plans and goals when learning English.)

For schools and foreign language centers:

Language grading

Track the progress of the trainees.

Evaluate the effectiveness of English courses.


When taking the TOEIC test, one of the prerequisites for achieving the TOEIC score is the understanding the TOEIC test structure. If you know the structure of the test, you will need an appropriate strategy to save time and get the required points for each section. Some questions you should consider are: “What does a TOEIC test consist of?”, “How many sentences does each part have?”, “How many points are counted in each question?”

“Duration of the TOEIC test?”

A complete TOEIC test consists of two parts: Listening for 45 minutes and Reading for 75 minutes. Each section has 100 sentences. The total number of questions for both is 200. Total time is 120 minutes or 2 hours.

The structure and detailed content of each section are as follows:

Part A – Listening (100 questions / 45 minutes)

Listening is used to assess listening skills. Candidates will hear descriptions, questions, conversations and information in English that can be read directly on the cassette or speakers. Candidates only have 45 minutes to listen and answer 100 questions by filling in A-B-C-D (Multiple choice) questions.

Part A Content Number of questions Details
Part 1 Photos 10 For each photo, you will hear four sentences describing it. Your task is to choose the best description for the photo.
Part 2 Question -Response 30 You will hear a question (or sentence) and three answers. Your task is to choose the best answer in the three A-B-C answers.
Part 3 Conversations 30 You will hear 10 short conversations. Each paragraph has 03 questions. Your task is to choose the best answer in the four A, B, C, D answers.
Part 4 Talk 30 You will hear 10 short pieces of information. Each paragraph has 03 questions. Your task is to choose the best answer out of the 4 answers provided.

In the listening section there are examples of American (North American), British, Australian and Canadian English accents. These phonemes rarely appear but reflect some of the different types of accent that are currently used in the international working environment. Therefore, the learner must have a flexible understanding of the language regardless of the different accents.

Part B: Reading (100 questions/75 minutes)


The Reading Test will be conducted immediately after the end of the listening section. This test is used to assess vocabulary, English grammar and comprehension of short paragraphs. Questions and relevant information are printed directly on the test page. There are total 100 questions and participants have 75 minutes to complete.

Part B Content Number of questions Details
Part 5 Incomplete Sentences 40 You need to choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.
Part 6 Text Completion 12 Each paragraph has 03 blanks. You must fill in each blank with the appropriate answer.
Part 7 Single Paragraph 28 The test may have 7 to 10 single paragraphs. There are 2 to 5 questions at the end of each paragraphs.
Complex Paragraph 20 In this section there will have 4 pairs of paragraphs. There are 5 questions in each paragraph.

Candidates will use a pencil to mark the correct multiple choice answers in the answer sheet. The total number of questions is 200. Total time is 120 minutes or 02 hours.